Roselle Fire Dept. – 10/8/2014


“Aravena’s was wonderful in all aspects. I called them two weeks ago to re-upholster a chair that has been passed down in my family for many years so of course it is important to me. They were helpful and responsive and had the chair back to me in top condition in two weeks time at a very reasonable price. Couldn’t ask for more, will be recommending to friends.”

Vincent T. – 10/20/2014


“My sofa came out gorgeous and the details in the tufting were spectacular. I added a photo and would like to thank you guys for your service and quality”

Ann M. – 7/23/2014


“fixed my mothers Chanel back sofa the leg split in two! unbelievable how you couldnt even tell which leg it was. Thanks for the help guys.”

Martha C. – 7/23/2014


“My friends and family loved the new sofa and thanks for the 2 throw pillows! we will be refering you to our friends and my co workers at work! ¬†Great price too for the detail and quality they put in. Im impressed have a great holiday!”

Jean P – 12/3/2012


“I see theirs alot of activity here but I would like to recommend Aravena’s solely because their loyal and the quality of their work is absolutely amazing and flawless. Im a interior designer and decorator, if it wasnt for Aravena’s I can honestly say i wouldnt have so much work from new and old customers who have showcased their ¬†furniture to their friends! makes me happy and proud.”

Rebecca Silvia – 12/13/2012




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